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I am a house proud Mama. I like things to be neat. For everything to have a place. Be in its place. Tidy. As clean as possible with two small children. A white fluffy dog. And a husband in the wool trade who is always dropping off little bits of wool about the house. But there are two things I really don’t love doing. Housework wise. Actually. I loathe them. Ironing. Ugh. And vacuuming. Double Ugh. So. Why do I not love vacuuming? Besides the fact I really struggle to spell the word ‘vacuum’. Read on to find my top reasons why I loathe vacuuming. Until now. 

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We have been lucky enough to work with some great brands. Businesses. And people over the last year or so. And although we would not say we are an 'influencer'. That is exactly what we have been doing. We have been paid to do sponsored posts. We have been gifted. Recently. We almost said YES to a paid gig that we didn't really feel right about. It was a great brand. A great product. But it didn't align with our style. Our feed. And we realised. Were we just saying yes for the product and the cash. Uh huh. Shame on us. So of course. We gave ourselves a little slap upside the head. Had a cup of 'what-the-feck-were-you-thinking'. And we said 'No thank you'. 

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My weight varies. I have a goal weight. It is in the 60 kilo range. But realistically. I'm always going to be in the 70 kilo range. Sometimes low 70's. Sometimes high 70's.  Sigh. I know a lot of mums struggle with their 'mum bod' after babies. But I've always had a mum bod. Even before babies. Not much has changed for me after babies. Maybe a little bit wider. A little bit wobblier. But really. The same same.

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Mum Blogging. Holy-heck-balls. It can be tough. In oh-so many ways. It can be mean. In oh-so many ways. Sheesh. We are all mums. Same same but different. We all want the best for our children. For ourselves. For each other. Don't we? Well. I do.

So I say. Feck that. Support each other. Lift each other up. Respect. Be respected. And shine. Heck yes.

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It's been a while since I have written a personal blog post. Yes. I've lost a bit of my mojo. But I am also struggling to find where I 'fit'. Mum. Business. Lifestyle. No idea what kind of blogger I am. Or what kind of blogger I should be. Will be. Need to be. So while I wonder. I share what I know I am not. What I do not want to be. And a few favourite bloggers. 

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