It’s been a while. I lost a little mojo. Got a little lazy. And was having far too much fun haning out with my babes to worry about ‘work’. I needed some downtime. Some me time. And time to figure out what kind of blogger I was.

During that time. Someone asked me what I did for a living. Besides being a stay-at-home mum. I was like. Oh. Um. Sometimes I write stuff and take photos and put them on social media. 

Like a blogger?

What Kind of Blogger?

Do I have to be a type of blogger?
Fo’ shizzle nizzle.

I honestly don't know what kind of blogger I am. Other than a part-time-sporadically-mish-mash-bish-bosh kind of blogger. So while I try and figure our where I fit. Where I belong. What direction I plan to take. I thought I would share what I know I am not. What I don't want to be. An a few of my favourite bloggers on the block.

We love the Hipster Mum. She is oh-so much more than just a Mum Blogger.

We love the Hipster Mum. She is oh-so much more than just a Mum Blogger.

Heck no. I am not. Nothing against them. Mostly. Yes. I am a Mum. And I blog. I am not sure I aspire to be classed as a Mum Blogger. I actually don't feel Mum Bloggers in general get a good wrap. Perhaps because a lot of them are doing it all so wrong. For oh-so many reasons. Plus. I think the Mum Blogger market is covered.  But. There are some seriously all round fabulous Mum Bloggers that are doing it right. For all the right reasons. 

Mother Pukka. This lady rocks my socks. She is all sorts of hilarious. Real. And really doing things to make a difference. The Flex Appeal campaign is a winner. Also loving Hipster Mum. The Not So Perfect Mum. Mumma Morrison. Mama Hub Rebecca Grainger. Oh So Busy Mum. Totally winning.

Ha. Hells bells no. Besides the fact I am not 'model'. Not even close. Totes awkward. I shy away from the camera.  And generally. A ‘good fashion’ day for me is few and far between. All smoke and mirrors. Most days. Unless I am wearing active wear which is generally old mismatched-kmart-target-active wear. I love a good pair of Birkenstock in summer. Uggs in winter. Baggy ass old tracksuit pants. And too much old-lady-two-babies-free boobin. Hardly a fashionista.

But these guys are. And although I cringe at the phrase ‘mum style’. These ladies do manage to find the best of the best for all shapes and sizes. And the always make it look so darn tootin’ good. Pretty Chuffed. I Heart Bargains. Sneakers + Soul. Caitlin Marwaha.

Always loving what Pretty Chuffed wears. And always buying.

Always loving what Pretty Chuffed wears. And always buying.

Hilarious. The only claim to fame I have with ‘cooking’  is the Donut Cake I made for Mini’s Third Birthday. Straight out of the packet. Yup. I attempted easy-bake-thermomix-choc-chip-cookies this morning. No idea how I could make a cookie look so terrible. And so um-cookie like. But I did. The only thing easy about them was eating them. Total baking fail.

These ladies make it look easy. Make it look good. And make me hungry. Lola Berry. Amie Eats. Jacobs Food Diaries. The Fit Foodie. Tasty Junior. Actually. All the Tasty's.

Firstly. Does anyone really know what a lifestyle blogger is. I thought I knew. But googled anyway.

"A lifestyle blog is best defined as a digital content representation of its author's everyday life and interests. A lifestyle blogger creates content inspired and curated from their personal interests and daily activities."

Yeah. Confused. I am. But I do think these people rock the lifestyle blogging world. We Are Scout. See Want Shop.

Unless you consider a trip the shops as 'travel'. This is not really my niche either. Although. I have shared my travel tips for our almost annual Port Douglas holiday. Soon to share my thoughts on Norfolk Island + Bruny Island. And we are planning a trip to Burnie. But no. No one wants to really read about our Weekend at Burnie's do they? No offence Burnie. 

I absolutely love everything about local Tasmanian Brooke Saward's Travel Blog. World of Wanderlust. Ah-mazing. 

Ness from Four Cheeky Monkeys can do no wrong. Styling perfection. Every time.

Ness from Four Cheeky Monkeys can do no wrong. Styling perfection. Every time.

Ok. I admit I am a tad obsessed with interiors. And how other peoples homes look. I can't help it. I dream of a house that seems ‘put together’. Not at all like our chaotic hosh-bosh home. It’s pretty. And I have pretty things. But dang. It is never clean. Never put together. And all sorts of cray cray most days.

For now. I just stalk these ladies. Off the chart perfection with their style. Wow. Kirra Bell. Interiors Addict. Oh Eight Nine. Four Cheeky Monkeys. Team Tonkin. Live Loud Girl

Ok. I do like to eat healthy. And attempt to cook healthy. But fit. I am not. I am like an uncoordinated ape when it comes to workouts. I have no idea what most gym equipment does. And the one and only time I attempted a burpee. I almost gave myself a hernia. Firstly from how badly I attempted the burpee. And secondly from how hard I laughed at my attempt at a burpee. 

I do dream of nailing a fitness workout one day. Heck. I dream of running 1km non-stop. Without getting a stich-cramp-wanting-to-spew. Ok. 500 metres would be an achievement. And I do dream of eating clean and healthy. For more than a week. No sneaky donuts-blocks-of-chocolate-cheeseburgers. Sigh.

These ladies help me keep living the healthy fit lifestyle dream. Fit Bottomed Girls. Kayla Itsines. Body Boss MethodDetox Tips. Spoonful of Sarah.

Although I love to share what I have learnt in the wonderful world of small business. And digital world. I am technically not business-savy. I couldn't tell you how to get more likes. More followers. More sales. Heck. Who can these days. I could probably share what NOT to do from personal experience. But if you really want to know how to rock your business. Check out Girl Bosses.

So still no idea what kind of blogger I am.
A lil bit of everything perhaps.

As long as I keep it real. Keep it kind. Use my own words. My own thoughts. Consider others. And keep it classy. Heck yes.

Who are your favourite bloggers?
Or what kind of blogger are you?


Next Week. My thoughts on the heck-balls-sometimes-cray-cray world of Mum Bloggers. Wow-sers.