Testing out one of our favourites. The Redsbaby Jive.

Testing out one of our favourites. The Redsbaby Jive.

We love a good pram. We've owned a few. Borrowed a few. Lusted after a few. Taken a few for a test ride. And after almost three years of pram wheeling our babes. We have found a few favourite prams and strollers. A few must haves. All to stroll-roll in comfort. And of course. Style.

When we first started shopping for a pram. Although we had no idea what to get. We didn’t really put too much thought into what it actually needed. Or what we wanted from a pram. Basically it had to have wheels. Now. There are some things a pram must have. And a few added extras that you probably don’t really need. But do make your wheels a little bit extra special.

Most importantly. Ok. Maybe not the most important. But for the entire tired-thirsty Mama’s. A cup holder.  We would love to say ‘only for water’. But mostly for coffee. And occasionally. Wine. Pushing a pram one handed chatting away and not spilling your drink. Not something we have mastered. So. Cup Holder please.

Big. And small. Large space to stash or hang your whopping big-ass nappy bag. Whoever realised a babe needs so much for a short walk. And crikeys. Two babes. Double the requirements. Plus. Scooters. That only gets ridden for 5 minutes before they get ditched. Helmets. Stuffed Toys. Random bits of Lego. And whatever else is a ‘must’ for a stroll.

The small storage. For all those things you need to grab in a hurry but can not find in your big ass nappy bag. You know. For keys. Coins. Cash. Phones. We are forever wrestling-rummaging-digging-for-gold-getting-totes-flustered-trying to find where we tossed the keys while spilling your coffee and wishing your pram had a cup holder.

Although Frey Frey does not look thrilled. We love our Phil and Ted's Dot.

Although Frey Frey does not look thrilled. We love our Phil and Ted's Dot.

Of course. The pram must keep the children happy. Cushioned comfort. Not easy to wiggle out of. A safe, smooth ride. Leg room. Leg rests. Places to hang things. Hide things. Flip back for naps. And flip up for sticky-beaking. And of course. Shade. Plenty of shade for those sunny day strolls.

Dang they are cute. And may only last only a few months. But there is nothing cuter than seeing your baby snug in a bassinet as your stroll. You are happy they are safe. You are happy to get out of the house. Get your walk on. And they can snooze in comfort.

It needs to be lightweight and small enough to yo-heave-ho into the back of your car. But not too lightweight or small so it doesn't feel like it's going to fall apart or collapse in on itself when you hit a bump. It needs to be sturdy. So it doesn’t wiggle and jiggle more than you. It needs to fold up easily. And unfold easily.

In the beginning. Most of us new mums can only muster walks with our pram as our ‘workouts’. Some prefer to jog. Others. Run. Eep. Our first pram was a jogger. Really we jogged with it once. Huffing and puffing along. And possibly only because we had to run for something left behind or thrown from the pram.  But. A pram that is easy to walk-jog-run with it. Is a big plus for us.

Without sounding too vain. A good looking pram makes us pretty happy. We don’t want to be caught rollin’ the streets. Crusin’ the cafes. Or walking with any old beat up pram. She has to be a bit of a looker. Pretty. But still practical. And within budget. Uh huh.

Here are just a few of our top pram picks. 

We were lucky enough to borrow this little beauty and take her for a spin. She is lightweight. Stylish. We love the leatherette handles. It is compact. Agile. A breeze to push and steer. Lots of storage. And. We think the best bit. An easy one-piece fold. Phew. 

FOR THE Style savvy mums who like luxurious detailing. And who like to lift lighter things in life. For the mums who carry super-sized bags. And like to shop-coffee-cafe-lunch with pram and baby. Plenty of space to stash the shopping. Babe travels in comfort. And style. Happy days all round.

FROM $849.00

Who doesn’t love a Mountain Buggy. Although not the fanciest-prettiest-bling-bling pram on the block. For us. The most practical. It was our first.

Our pram pick from the range. The Mountain Buggy Duet. Your family can grow with it. Starting as a single with the rocking side section for the clip on tote-bag. And then the side-by-side to bundle along two babes. Single to Double. One pram. Still narrow enough to fit down aisles. It’s no wider than a single buggy. Easy to maneuver. And lightweight enough. You can totally exercise. Run. Or jog-walk. Mostly walk. Like we do. That’s a win.

FOR THE Active Mum. Who likes to run. With babes. And for the Mum with One and already planning number Two. Or the mum who likes to shop. Basically. Perfect for all the practical Mums who still want their wheels to look great.

FROM $699.00

We currently own this super compact super practical double dot. It is perfect for both babes. One in the front. One in the back. Both get a view. And plenty of room. Puncture proof wheels mean we can go off-roading all the time. Pop wheelies off the gutters. Narrow enough to whiz down supermarket aisles without taking anything out. Or knocking down people in our way. And we do. Plus. If you only have the one babe. Or only want to take the one babe. The Dot's back seat clips out easily. So easily even we can do it without assistance for ‘can-fix-do-everything-husband’. And she folds with ease. Up to practically nothing.

FOR THE Wants to running-but-mostly-walks-with-pram Mum. This pram can handle been thrown into the back of the car with gusto. It’s perfect for the heavy handed mum and babes. Ideal for all terrain. All weather walkers. Totes small car boot friendly.

FROM $749.00

We love Egg. Egg Stroller that is. Everything is adjustable. Canopy. Handles. Leg Rest. Two way reclining seat. Tandem. Everything can grow with you and your babe. Or babes. And of course. The sweetest carry cot you every did see. Perfect for a little snooze on the move. Or even the occasional overnight snug sleep. Plus. The Egg is available in some of our favourite colours. Like this forest green colour.            

FOR THE Mums who are big on style. Big on function. And love a bit o' colour. For the Mums who like to stroll in style. Stand out. And who love a round little egg shape on wheels.

FROM $1,399.00

Plenty of super gorgeous super styling perfect prams for strolling. And if we had enough style. We would totally roll with the Urbo2 Tweed Pram in Twilight Gold. Bling Bling. Seriously. A Gold Chassis. Inspired by the latest trends. With the sweetest suspension we have ever seen for a smooth ride. A private little super stylish pram haven for your babies. All the Mama’s and Papa’s will see you rollin’ with this pram. And if bling is not really your thing. They have plenty of other more subtle pram colour options.

FOR THE Mama's + Papa’s who like a bit o-bling. Like to be bold. Stand out. In style. And comfort. Who love smooth rides for their little loves.

FROM $1,199.95

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Happy pram strollin + rollin’.

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Just a few of our favourite prams. 
Sharing the love for all the Mums and Dad's pram shopping or upgrading. 

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