Lately. We have lost a little Instagram Mojo. Maybe the algorithm. Maybe the increase of people on the squares. Maybe the pressure to post. Perfectly. Maybe the people. Maybe we have lost our confidence. And maybe. We miss the sense of community. Perhaps it's a little of all of the above. And more.

When we first started thinking in squares and joined the Instagram Bandwagon two years ago… it felt like a great big warm hug. Full of like minded people. Kindness. Awesome. And genuine kick ass peeps. Now. It could be just us. But it seems to have lost that community vibe a little. We still have a rocking tribe. And still find fabulous people to stalk and support.

So. We thought we would share a few things that we have learnt living, loving and sometimes loathing the squares over the last few years.

Might be a bit brutal. But oh-so true. Unfortunately some people are asses. You might think someone is an ass. And someone might think you are an ass. Some people are part time asses. Some people are full time asses. Alas. It’s life. Just try and not be an ass. Or please an ass. Or befriend an ass. Say no to ass. Ha.

If peeps get all up in yo' grill and start a nasty-pasty-be-an-ass campaign. Leave it be. Don't rant retaliate or point fingers. Don't publicly shame. Well. We don’t. It’s not our style. And to be honest, we cringe-eyeroll-sigh-eye-twitch a little when we see others doing it.

Shizzle goes down. Ugh. Not always nice shizzle. Behind the scenes. Or not. Copycats. Haters. Mean Beans. Ugh. Try and not take it personally. Even if it is personal. It’s not real life. People can get all woot-woot-single-white-female-keyboard-cray-cray. It happens. And it’s best just to move on.

Just like life. Not everyone is your friend. Not everyone will be your BFF for eva’s. Some Insta-Business-Mama-Friendships don't always last. Most do. But like all friendships. You've got to know when to hold em. And know when to fold em.

They say keep your friends close and your enemies closer. We say feck that. Keep your friends closest. They will lift you up when you need it most. As for enemies. It’s best not to have them at all. Vent. Process. And just leave them be.

You can't please everyone. Heck no. So don't bust yo' ass trying to. As long as you love what you share. Love why you share.  Love what you make. Love what you create. Just have fun.

Not everyone has the same vibe as you. Heck no. Not everyone will have the same heart as you. Nope. But that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Heck yes. And even a little judging. As long as it is done with love and respect. Not malice and hate.

Find your tribe. Support. Inspire. Admire. Just make sure you find the right tribe. They will get you through the tough days. Ah-hhhhmmm.

Everything changes. Yup. Friendships. Trends. Styles. Businesses. Vibes. Products. Instagram. Everything. Don’t fight it. Roll with it.

Support to be supported. So give it. Yup. Give real, genuine support.

This seems to roll in waves. Who’s cool. Who’s in. Who’s not. What's hot. What's not. And tribes. Some tribes just don’t like other tribes vibes. We have done our best not to get mixed up in all that busi-n-ass. We learnt early on not to fight other peoples fights. Ah. Oops. And judge your own books. Not just by their covers. We like who we like. Simple.

It's not always about the Likes. Yes yes. The likes are awesome. The Likes help. But don’t post something just for the Likes. Post something because you like it. Because you would double tap it.

No matter the number of followers. Treat everyone with respect. Treat everyone as an equal. Unless they are an ass. Ha. We totally get the more the followers the more people see your awesome. Which can mean more sales. More website hits. But not always. Either way. No matter if you have 100 or 1,00,000 followers. We are all the same. We feel. We hurt. We hoorah. We have good days. And bad. 

We know we bang on about this. And we stand by it. It's not always sunshine and moonbeams. It can be nasty ass. But don't be a dick. Keep it kind. Always.

A rather large mummy-movement-influx of movers, makes and shakers on Social Media has meant there is more competition than ever. But we like to think it can still be healthy competition. You can learn from each other. Like each others work. And keep it friendly. No reason to get all kayne-on-ellen on their asses. Just don't copy. Then you are an ass.

It’s a given to be kind to others. But be kind to yourself too. If you start feeling the pressure.  Feel overwhelmed. Underwhelmed. Over worked. Over squared. Ease off. Cool your posting jets. Take a break. Feels good. Uh-hmmm. Then come back guns a blazing. Positive. Fresh as feck. And ready to rock those shizzle out of those squares.

We went through a stage of X-files. We felt like Mulder. Trust no one. But that just made us all negativity-nancy-sad-sack-borderline-meltdown. And no one wants that. So now. We trust everyone. Unless they give us a reason not too. And even then. We keep it kind. 

Ask for it. Offer it. Give it. We are mostly Mama’s doing our thing for us. For our babes. For our families. A little bit of help can mean the world to someone. Some kind words. A shoutout. A hey-you-rock-just-thought-you-should-know message.

Enjoy the victories. Big and small. Enjoy the friendships. The laughs. The love. Let the good times roll. Enjoy the ride. Otherwise. It is totes not worth it.

People are. Yup. They really flippin are. Peeps are awesome. Surround yourself with the awesome. Encourage the awesome. Support the awesome. It feels awesome.

Most importantly. Be you. Don’t try and be somebody else. Somebody you are not. Don’t try to imitate. Just be you. Be real. Be authentic. Be original.

Don't sweat the small stuff.
Don't hang on to the uggghhh from the hater potatoes. 

Be bold. But not brash.
Don’t be a bully. But don’t be a pushover.

Share the love.
Keep it real.
Keep it kind.
And be that person who makes someone feel like a somebody.

Let's make Insta awesome again.
Let's help people get their Insta mojo back.
Let's rock the squares.

Big Square Lovin’ Love x

PS Keep an eye out for our next post all about Instagram Etiquette. The good. The bad. And the plain old ‘that-shit-be-cray-cray’.