We’ve starting collecting our Woolworths Collectibles flip-cards and have been inspired to explore the world of food. Today we are learning about the home of the Souvlaki. Greece. And made our own for lunch. My little World Explorer is helped out. Fun. And yum. Thanks Woolies!

Our little ladies love these. We have changed them up a little so they are kid friendly. And non garlic onion breath friendly. Mini loves making these with me. And she loves making a mess when eating them. And they should be lamb. But are occasionally chicken Souvlaki's.

1 tablespoon Dried Oregano (or fresh if you are not accidental-herb-killers like us)
Half a teaspoon of Sea Salt
500 grams Lamb Strips (or chicken if your kiddies are not huge lamb fans)
1 tablespoon of Oil (olive, canola, coconut what ever oil floats your boat)
1/2 a Lettuce
1/2 a Cucumber
3 carrots
6 – 8 cherry tomatoes
2 tablespoons of Lemon Juice
1 cup of Natural Pot Set Yoghurt (or tzatiki dip)
1 packet of wraps (we use Woolworths Brand Wholemeal Wraps)

Get your little one to mix the seasoning. Just add in the Oregano and Salt. In a big-non-breakable-bowl. Give them a wooden spoon and get them mixing.

Mama needs to cut up the lettuce, tomato, cucumber and capsicum. Grating carrot. And set aside on a chopping board ready to go.

And heat large frying pan and add oil. Whatever oil you use to grease yo' pans. 

Add lamb* and brown meat.

Add the Souvlaki seasoning to the meat. And the lemon juice.

Heat through and let it cool.

Pop the cooled meat onto the chopping board with everything else.

Get your little ones to the kitchen bench.
Lay out a wrap. And let them create their own.

Mama to help them wrap it up. Then eat. Yum.

You can add garlic and onion to the meat mixture. 
And you can add Pepper to the Souvlaki Seasoning Mix. 
And you can make your own tzatziki, or buy the pre-made dip. But we find Natural Pot Set Yoghurt with a little squeeze of lemon works a treat. And is something we always have on hand. 

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