Mum Bloggers. Mom Bloggers. Mummy Bloggers. Whatever you call them. And whatever you think of them. I never really wanted to be one. With no writing experience ever. No real Mum experience. Heck. Without sounding ungrateful. I didn't even really want to be a mum. It was never my thing. I never thought I'd be any good at it. But. Best. Decision. Ever.

And now I am sort-of-kind-of a Mum Blogger. Which was probably not been my best decision ever. You need skill. Wit. Good. Relevant. Constant. Consistent content. And a bloody thick skin. Crikeys.

Mum Bloggers seem to get a bit of a bad wrap. And although I totally believe and encourage everyone should have their own opinion. It doesn't mean you have to be an ass. You don’t have to come in all guns-a-blazing-die-hard-yippe-ky-ay-mother-fecka style if you don't agree with something. And you don't have to retaliate if someone gets all up in your grill. 


And sure as shyte. Mum bloggers should not turn on each other. Heck no. Ridiculous. Sure. We wont all be BFF’s fo’ eva. We may not always agree with who writes what when. But dang ladies. Don’t go hating on each other. Don’t turn on each other. Heck no. That crack be whack. Let’s support each other. Treat each other as equals. Treat everyone as an equal. Every. One. Respond to your followers with respect. Be kind to your readers. Be kind to each other. Have your opinion. But remember to show respect. Personally attacking people is not on. Nope. Not ever.

I’ve been pretty lucky. And not had many bad experiences with the general public. No trolls on my feed. Phew. Yet. Other than the occasional honest-brutal-borderline-rude comments in regards to the whole #breastfeedingvsbottlegreatdebate. Which I responded to with respect. And an open mind. Unfortunately. The real ‘trolls’. The bad experiences. I have seen. Felt. And heard about. Are mostly fellow Mums. Business Mums. Mum Bloggers. Heck. Balls.


The pettiness. The backstabbing. The shaming. The posts alluding to others. The finger pointing. The stop-bullying-me-but-I-will-still-bully-others posts. The woe is me. The bitch fits. The competition. The need to be the best at all costs. Not cool.

It has really got under my skin. It has been irkin’ my gherkin for oh-so long. And I have really struggled to shake the ‘ewww’ feeling about it all. So I stopped writing about Mum life. I became too gun shy to post. To share. To say bloody anything. Thankfully I have a rocking support group of Business Mamas. Bloggers. And real life friends who keep on keeping me me. Who keep supporting others. Woot woot.

I don't share everything. I never will. Somethings should remain private. Somethings don't need to be said. And I won’t share anything if I am not prepared to hear a differing opinion. I won't just write something for the sake of writing. I won’t write something for the shock value. For the likes. For the ‘insta-fame’. I will filter what I say. I will be as considerate as I can be. And keep it kind. Keep it classy. Always.

You might say I play it safe. You might say I am a bit beige in the blog-o-sphere. Sure I wear plenty of beige. Ok. Maybe more 'blush'. But I don't think I am beige. I just don't want to be an ass. I'm not going to belittle. I'm not going to lower myself. Not going to objectify my children. My partner. Friendships. Relationships. Or myself. I will not turn on others. And I sure as heck will not play the bully-game. No siree.


We are all mums. Same same but different. We all want the best for our children. For ourselves. For each other. Don't we? Well. I do.

So. To all the followers and readers.
Go easy on the bloggers. 

To all the bloggers.
Go easy on the followers and readers.

And go easy on each other.
Readers don't be hatin' on readers.
Followers don't be hatin' on followers.
Bloggers don't be hatin' on bloggers.

Please stop already with the subtle digs at each other. Stop being aggressive. Stop being passive aggressive. 
Please surround yourself with good. Good people. Good vibes. Surround yourself with people who encourage you to be your best. Feel your best. Bring out the best. And help you be your best. 

Support each other.
Jog on.

And it is not all bad. Not all doom and gloom. There are some oh-so amazing babes on the block. Mums supporting mums. Bloggers supporting bloggers. Mums supporting bloggers. And bloggers supporting mums. Heck yes. Bloody love seeing that. More please. 

So come on Mums.
Come on ladies.
Pull your heads in peanuts.

Let's show the next generation how to keep it civil.
Keep it kind.
Respect each other.
And shine.


PS. Now don’t get all Debbie Downer on me. Don’t go hatin on me. Don’t ask me to name. Don’t try and figure out who’s who in the zoo. Because it is more of a general observation. Not aimed at any one person in particular.Back in the day. I was totally guilty of being an ass. I was guilty of judging. But I never bullied. Nope. I am no angel. I am not perfect. I had my moments. But meh. I kept it civil. I learnt from it. I moved on. I unfollowed. And I stopped hanging out with people that made me not a nice version of me. I want to see happy positive vibes in my little world of squares. And I want to give out happy positive vibes.