Yes. We are 'those' parents. The ones who can not wait to buy a bike for their babes. And although it was meant for Christmas. We just could not help ourselves. We had to let her have it a little early. Whoops. And when we opened the box. How could we not. 

We chose a Balance Bike for Mini's first set of wheels. We figured Mini has already mastered the Scooter. And we wanted her to learn how to balance on two wheels before moving up to the 'big bike' stage. 

After plenty of research. We choose this beauty from Reid Cycles. The Girls Vintage Balance Bike.

Besides the fact that it is super cute. We adore the Vintage style. With the sweetest leather handles and comfy leather seat. It comes in both boy and girl versions.  Mint or Navy. Of course we added on the cutest basket with leather straps. And the flashing lights to match. 

Great on budget too. And will last her for a few years. Or at least until Frey starts borrowing it. They are suitable for babes from 18 months to 5 years.

We totes wanted Mini to have a safe quality bike. But it had to be super stylish as well. 

We are not balance bike experts. And are lucky we have a stubborn little daredevil that was happy to jump on and give it a go. But we did find a few simple things helped Mini learn and helped build her confidence before hitting the open road. And by open road we mean safe enclosed paved area. Ha.

Make sure its the right size. Set the seat at the right height so they can touch the ground with their little tootsies. And make sure the handlebars are the right height too.

We encouraged Mini to stride or walk with her bike a little to get used to it. And she did that for a few days around the house and out on the grass. 

Let them fall. Not hard. Of course. But we found letting her drop the bike or let it tip to the side a little made her realise she could stop herself by putting her foot out. And she could get back up again easily. 

Mini is pretty independent. So it didn't take much for her to get on and give it a go without our help. But we did encourage her to get back up, get back on and get going.

Once she got used to everything. And felt confident. She would let herself glide a little with both feet off the ground. 

Being the ever overly-cautious-over-the-top Mama. we took Mini for her first real ride in a safe zone. No distractions. Just us. In a big empty paved space. 

She wobbled a little at first. But as soon as she realised she could put her feet down if she felt a little unsafe, she was off. And coasting. With Mama running after her. Just in case.

Hands down the best bike we have seen.
Super styling.
Super cute.
Super safe.
Super fun.


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