Heck. Balls. Lately we have noticed people in general. And in real life. Have forgotten how to use two simple words. ‘Thank’ and ‘you’. The whole world has gone a little whack.

And yes. Sometimes the squares can be a tad nasty. A little brutal. And oh-so competitive. We get that everyone wants to be ‘the best’. But occasionally people are forgetting how to be ‘their best’.

Bugger trying to beat the algorithm. Shake off shadow banning. Grow your reach. Followers. Likes. Engagement. Let’s all dial it back a bit. And remember how to be nice. Let’s nail the niceties first. We are talking Etiquette. Instagram Etiquette.

There's been a lot of talk about transparency lately. Bloggers. Influencers. Businesses. Although some people are making mountains out of mole hills. We believe being transparent is a good thing. We purchase a lot. We get gifted some. Occasionally. We get a little cash money. And we only ever say yes to gifts and paid posts that align with our brand. Our style. Our vibe. And of course. It must be quality. Something we love. We do say no. We do politely decline. But if we say yes....

If you have been paid to share a photo. Write a blog post. Attend an event. Easy. Tag #sponsored #sp or #ad. We find that sometimes people may begrudge us if we get paid to share the love for something we love. But we totally do not think it is worth trying to hide that it is in fact a #sponsoredpost. 

This one is a little different. We get gifted things from time to time. And always tag #gifted. Recently we have been wondering if ‘gifting’ is actually considered ‘sponsored’. Legally. In the US. Yes. In Australia for now. No. You do not need to #sponsored if you have not been paid. But it is changing. In the meantime. Make it clear in the content that you have been gifted. Or #gifted. Or even #sponsored. Or all of the both. Either way. Gifted or Sponsored. Be transparent. Be honest. Be real.

And if you need to know more about this. Read more here.

Yes. We know this gets you noticed. And we now some people say this is the way to get followers. But no. Please stop. All you are going to get from us is an eye roll. And if you go too hard too often. Ye olde blocky block button may be pushed.

Follow if you like what you see. And Unfollow if you don't like what you see.

Read before you comment. Or respond. Don’t be a bot. Don’t sound like a bot. If someone shares some sad news, don’t write ‘dope smiley face’. That's just awkward. And clearly shows you didn't read the caption. Make your comments count. Make them real. Make them relevant.

Same same but different to the follow unfollow and random comments. Do we even really need to go into this. ‘Hey Follow my Page and I’ll Follow you’ comments. Heck no. Just don’t.

If you are contacting someone for the first time. It is always best to use people names when you sending DM or emails. And spell it correctly. Our eye twitches when people write 'Kym'. If you do not know their name. That’s ok. Just take note when you do find out what it is. And spell it correctly. It is always nice to sign off messages using your name too. That way. People know how to respond to you. Makes it all a little more personable. Warm. Fuzzy. Friendly. And worthy or a response. Of course. If you are already friends. Or have built a rapport. You can drop the name and use other terms of endearment. Lovely. Lady. Babe. Sugatits. Ok. Maybe not the last one. 

This should be a no brainer. When you share someone else's image of photo. Please credit the photographer. The person. Or the source.

And please. Do your best to tag everyone. Tag all businesses in the photo. We have seen a lot of people tagging only themselves. Which is ok. Not awesome. But ok.

We have also seen people only tagging a ‘few’ businesses. Not everyone. That’s not ok. All or none we say. If you don’t follow the business. That’s ok. But a tag is nice. If you don’t like the business. Or the person. Well. Don’t share the photo. Simple. Not only is tagging all people and businesses in the photo a nice thing to do. And totally professional. It also helps build relationships. No tag. No share. Word.

We talked a little about these in our last post. Feeling the Pinch. But honestly. Don’t use hashtags that are not relevant to you. If you share a picture of your dog. And use the hastag #lovecats. That’s just weird. If your tags are not relevant. Then your post doesn’t really matter to the right people. You wont be gaining the right exposure or engaging with the right market who may want to follow you. Like me. #idontlovecats #butlovedogs.

This old chestnut. How often to post? Rule of thumb for businesses is no more than three photos a day. For people like us. We tend to aim for one a day. Or at least one every few days. But everyone is different. Less photos does mean less pressure. But sometimes is means less reach. Less engagement. Do what works for you. What is easiest for you. Whatever floats your boat. Just probably not loads everyday. That makes us unfollow.

We personally are terrible at these. Mostly because our twang aussie accent does our own head in. Like fingernails down a chalkboard. Torture to the ears. But if you do story. Please don’t overshare. And please don’t overstory. Some people. Too much information. Too often. And too much boomerang action. Dang. Make it fun. Make it postivie. Make it information. Make us laugh. Winner. Winner.

Um. Not ashamed to admit. We love a good selfie. But not every single day. Everywhere you go. All the time. And all the same same. Make them quality. Change them up. And never. Ever. Duck pout. Unless you are taking the piss out of the duck pout. Maybe.

You may have noticed. We steer clear of quotes and memes. Mostly because of our feed OCD. Can’t deal. But. Please make them fun. Short. Sharp. Inspirational. Easy to read. Relevant.  Relatable. New. Or witty.

Really people. Keep it honest. Keep it kind. Kindness goes a long way. Not everyone you meet in the squares will be kind to you. And don’t always expect everyone to treat you the way you treat them. But always be true to yourself. And treat everyone the way you want to be treated. Sure. Some people are asses. Just don’t become one yourself.

And remember. Scroll. Don’t troll.
Keep the squares kind.
That’s how we roll.


Do you have any tips? 
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