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I am a house proud Mama. I like things to be neat. For everything to have a place. Be in its place. Tidy. As clean as possible with two small children. A white fluffy dog. And a husband in the wool trade who is always dropping off little bits of wool about the house. But there are two things I really don’t love doing. Housework wise. Actually. I loathe them. Ironing. Ugh. And vacuuming. Double Ugh.

So. Why do I not love vacuuming? Well for one. We haven’t always bought the best in vacuums. My husband isn’t a big believer on spending money on vacuums. Or most things. And I really struggle to spell the word ‘vacuum’. But besides that. Here are my top five vacuum irks.

Having to move from room to room. Unplug. Replug. Unplug. Replug. Tangle. Untangle. Plug. Unplug. Run over cord. Get tangled. Again. Then thinking you will make it to that last little corner without running out of cord only to push the limits and have the cord pop out of the power socket. Dang it. 

Some vacuums are just hard to push. Hard to manoeuvre. Always tip over. Have to be pushed with brute force to actually suck anything up. And are always the wrong height making your back a little twingy-twangy after conquering the whole house.

The rug to floorboard to carpet to tile transition. Our house is mostly floorboards. With some rugs. Some carpet. And soon to be some tiles. Like the plug unplug factor. I really cannot be bother swapping different vacuum heads for different zones. I would love an all in one.

The hard to reach corners. I'm not big on moving all the furniture in the house to get into every single section of the house. 

The quick spot vacuum. I just want to get those pesky little crumbs quickly without getting the whole vacuum out and wrestling with the cord. 

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When Godfreys asked us to try out their Hoover Air Stick Pro I actually figured I would let my husband trial it. Because I normally handball the vacuuming to him. I really loathe vacuuming. Until now. And I'm not just saying it. I really mean it. We thought our old vacuum did a good job. Boy were we wrong. After a few quick whizz whizzes around the lounge room we quickly saw that our old vacuum missed a plenty. Whoops.

As soon as the Hoover Air Stick Pro was charged and ready to roll, I had to be the first to try it out. And then I wouldn’t let anyone else try it out. Honestly. Best. Ever.

Why we ALL love the Hoover Air Stick Pro.

Yes! No pesky cord. No annoying plug and unplug. It encourages me to vacuum the whole house. Not just the bits I can reach without having to unplug and replug the cord. Heck yes. 

It glides, swivels, shimmies, shakes and can almost drive itself. So easy to move around the house, around furniture. And even around the kids. Plus. It is the perfect height and even manoeuvres under the couches and beds with ease. Which meant my back didn’t go whack.

It has so many extras it made my husband giddy with excitement. He unplugged the Handstick and started trying it on the couches. The mattresses. The picture rails. And even disappeared into his car to get all the kiddies crumbs out of all the cracks. I was a little worried he may have tried to vacuum the dogs. Or the kids.

It cruises across all surfaces without a care in the world. So easy to glide along the floorboards and up onto our rugs without missing a beat. Sucking up all the dog hair from our supposed 'non-malting' dog. Whiz whiz woooohooo.


It is really really quiet. Which means I can hear my vacuum get housework done music and the kids anywhere in the house. It doesn’t freak out the dog. And it doesn’t make any of those annoying high pitch or super loud noises most vacuums make that make my eye twitch.

Everyone in the house wants a go of the Hoover Air Stick Pro. The husband is in love. Making his vacuuming job easier. The kids want to ‘help’. And I don’t want to let anyone else have a turn. Honestly. I am converted. I have gone from possible vacuuming every few weeks. To almost every day. 

So thank you Godfreys..
I wouldn’t say I love vacuuming now.
But I sure don’t loathe it anymore.



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