It's no secret. We adore a good frock. With two girls in the house. We own plenty. Heck yes. Dip hem. Swing. Patterns. Colours. Bold. Stripes. Spots. You name it. We love girls dresses. Thankfully there are oh-so many beautiful choices for all the little ladies this season. 

We don't mind spending that little bit more on a dress. We think it's a good investment. Especially if you purchase a great quality dress. You can wear it for a few years. You can wear it anywhere. Dress it up. Dress is down. And if you are like us. You always buy the size up so your little lady can grow into it. And you can hopefully hand it down to the next little lady waiting in line. Plus. A dress can be worn all year round. No matter the season. Floaty and light in summer. Layered and snug in winter. 

Here are just a few of our favourites so far for the Autumn Winter Season.

Mickey Rose
Tiny Triangle Dress $54.95

Oomph & Floss
Atlas the Giraffe Dress $44.95

Moon Jelly
Crown Long Sleeved Dress $45.00

Phoenix and the Fox
Memphis Peonie Dress $59.95

KaPow Kids
Peachy Leopard Twirling Dress $49.95

Talking Red
Black and White Gingham Long Sleeve Dress $65.00

Rock Your Baby
Striped Kitten Dress $49.95

Rylee and Cru
Tigers Kaftan Dress $79.95

Sunday the Label
Brahma Floral Button Back Dress $69.95

Mad About Mini
North South Print Swing Dress $54.95

Eeni Meeni Miini Moh
GK Combo Dress in Lagoon Marle $79.95

Thomas Pie
Long Sleeve Tee Shirt Dress $54.00

Happy Shopping x

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