A little while a go I told you all that I was Cracking Up. In the face. I'm not getting any younger. Sigh. On the verge of the big four oh. Dang. So I thought I would trial a few lotions and potions for my face. And of course, share with you all which brand I thought worked best for this old duck. Quack. 

Well. I tested one and a half brands on my list. And realised. The first brand I tried was bang on. So. The testing process ended. And my love affair with a new peachy goodness brand of products began. It's official. I love Go-To Skincare. Uh huh.

The Go-To Dream Team.

I didn't always look after my skin. Nope. Brace yourselves. I smoked in my youth. Tut tut. Naughty. I also boozed and partied a little too hardy. Elaine dancing at revolver until the sun came up. And sometimes after the sun came up. Never washed my face. My 'beauty routine' was more fall-asleep-with-make-up-on-wake-up-put-make-up-on-over-yesterdays-slept-in-make-up-to-fix-face. Oh. My. Sunscreen. Hats. Sun smart. Ha. Whatever's. Sunscreen was applied after burning. And probably over make up. Which would then be covered in make up again. Hats. Heck no. Who wants hat hair. Not me. Until now. 

Times have changed. I drink waaay more water than booze. I eat as clean as possible. Bye bye Parma bigger than the size of my head. Wear hats. Slather sunscreen. Everyday. Wash my face morning and night. And of course.... moisturise. Moisturise. Moisturise. But alas. The damage was already done. Dang.

So Go-To had a lotta lotta lotta work to do. It had years of neglect to work on. 
And boy. Did it bring its A game.

See that. My face. It is happy. And so less crack-crack-crabby. I'm not tootin anyone's horn. Toot toot. I honestly love love-ity love Go-To Skincare. My face feels fresher lighter brighter and more hydrated. Dare I say the word... moist. Eww. Shudder. What a word. But my skin. So happy. So much better. Seriously.... moist. It totally is the shizzle fo' nizzle. Heck yes. 

I'd love to say that it's knocked five years off. But I'd be pushing my luck. I will say it's knocked off at least two years. Ok. A year. Phew. So what have I used to embrace Cher and Turn Back Time. These guys. Say hello to my little friends...

Soft gently foamy goodness that smells as fresh as my face feels afterwards. Some washes I have used in the face have dried my face out so much that if i do not apply moisturiser straight after a wash... I feel like my face may crack off like something out of Total Recall. This is so good that even Mr Perfect has jumped on the Go-To train. I catch him washing his face after work to get all the sheepy-wool-store off his face.

Plus. I encourage ye-olde face wash before bedtime. Saves me washing dirty-face-print-smudge-pillow-case-covers all the dang time. 

Oh beloved Swipeys. Where have you been all my life. I have to say. My total favourites from the range. My pesky nose pores love love love them. They have never looked better. Or smaller. My pores. Not my nose. Dang. I never leave home without my Go-To Swipeys. They even come with a handy little travel pack so you don't need to take the whole tub. Happy pores for the win!

It really is exceptional. And oil. It does it all. I have been using it almost everywhere. Anywhere a bit dry that needs a little extra something something.... whammo. On it goes. My cuticles love it. And my in need of hair-cut-not-loving-winter-dry hair gets oh-so happy when I sneak a little oil onto the tips. Hands. Hair. Heels. You name it. I used to have pesky dry-weird-eyebrow-flaky skin during winter. Not any more. Exceptionoil makes everything better.

Totes is. It smells pretty. It makes us feel pretty. Dewy. Not Shiny. Supple. Not saggy. Less fine lines. And oh-so happy everyday skin. Plus it is full of fabulous thingis like anti oxidants and Amla Berry fighting the good fight against premature ageing. Heck yes. Has it all. 

Next on our hit list. Face Hero. A total super hero that will protect our skin from all evil.  

The brand is spot on. Smells great. No fuss. Easy to use. Pretty too. It rocks.  

The lady behind the brand is an inspirational super gorgeous superstar. She rocks. 

The team behind the brand know what they are doing. And totally rock at it.

So Go-To.
Thank you.
You are totes my Go-To.

Big Peachy Goodness Love x