Pink has got to be THE colour of this year. I love it, Marlowe loves it and even Husband embraces it (not to wear, he will never be a pink shirt wearing man EVER, but is happy to have his girls draped in it and a sprinkling of it in our home). 

There are so many shades having their moment in the sun right now and I love that there is a shade for everyones taste... dusty, blush, pale, rose-quartz, nude, baby, powder, the list goes on. It's safe to say I'm allllll over this trend. It's girly, its muted, it's pretty, it's cool and so easy to incorporate into your home and wardrobe. 

My birthday present having her moment in Marlowe's room. Chair by Bastille & Sons, Star Cushion by Essi & Co, Rug from The Dusty Poppy and Pax & Hart artwork.

I was obsessed with everything pink as a little girl but other than a few pale pink hair dyes, didn't really give it much airtime again until Marlowe arrived. We didn't find out if we were having a boy or girl (even though we were convinced she was going to be a boy!) so everything we bought was completely unisex and neutral.

As soon as she arrived it suddenly seemed that any item of clothing we had for her looked a bit too masculine, her monochrome room wasn't soft enough for the tiny, gorgeous baby girl we had made and brought home and I craved some pink in her world. Luckily she was spoilt beyond belief and got given a good dose of pink gifts. I also ran with this as a mighty fine excuse to shop up an online storm to bring her room and wardrobe up to speed and her pink quota was soon achieved.

The Edit. (Clockwise from top LHC) Bastille & Sons, Click On Furniture, Hay Design, Muuto (dream lounge) and Barnaby Lane Leather Chair.

I didn't stop at just Marlowe's room and wardrobe and I have slowly been infiltrating the rest of our house with muted pinks since. I started with these Menu Salt & Pepper Grinders, then moved on to our new dining room chairs which are blonde timber stained with a pale pink wash, I've got cushions and candles, notebooks and this Rachel Castle Jumper. My pink wonderland was coming together but I still needed something for my lounge room and my recent birthday was the perfect excuse to be spoilt by my fambam with something spesh (and pink!).

This is the pink chair shortlist I was lusting after and I ended up choosing the Bastille & Sons Croisette Armchair in all its velvety glory, and it's safe to say I'm in love!

It actually belongs in our lounge room but was screaming at me to be styled in my fave room of the house, so I hauled it up our terraces uber steep staircase and gave it some time to shine in Marlowe's room.

As you can see we are pretty chuffed with it being there and decided to get our twin on to celebrate!

Kate x


Twinning for the win! Necktie from Minimalist Jewellery.