We have already shared a few tips on our Risky Business post on how to keep it kind. We have shared our thoughts on how to deal with Copycats Part One. Two. And Three.

And to be honest, when we first started writing this as a bit of follow on… we thought we had started to toughen up. And knew how to survive the whole social-media-online-business-mama-maker-a-little-cut-throat-a-little-fun world. Dang.

After a few weeks of letdowns. A few kicks in the pantaloons. Some tears. Surprisingly no tantrums. Feeling a little ugh. A little oh-my-gawd-why-are-we-bothering. We realised we actually haven’t totally found a way to ‘survive’.

But, for us, we have found a way to make it easier. Lighter. Brighter. And fun. It really should be all about fun. Support. Kindness. And all-round awesomeness. Heck yes.

We may not have a ‘small business’ anymore as we have shut up shop. But we are still here. With real feelings.  Real highs. Real lows. Real lives.

So here are just some of our tips. And how we are plan to roll...

Probably best not to stalk people you are jealous of. Like ugly jealous of. Nope. It never ends well. And before you say 'I'm-not-jealous-of-anyone-I-love-everyone' Phhffff. Bollocks.

Also probably best not to stalk people you genuinely aren't one hundred percent happy to see succeed. And before you say 'I-want-everyone-to-succeed-even-the-asses-I-love-everyone-even-the-asses' Phhffff. Double Bollocks.

As a business... you do need to 'stalk' a little. Stalk styles. Trends. Squares. Your competition. But always try to stalk with an open mind. And warm heart.

Irkers. We will admit there are some people that online-irk us. For personal reasons. For professional reasons. For just plain jealous reasons. And we understand that we might irk people for the same reasons. So sorry. But not sorry. We avoid our irkers. And feel free to avoid us if we irk you. It's all good in our irkin' hood.

Be mindful of what you say. And to who. Whether it be behind closed doors or how you comment on people's photos. Things can be misread. Misconstrued. Misinterpreted. Misunderstood. Sigh.


Try and align yourself with the 'right people’ with the ‘right vibe’. And by ‘right’ we mean they should have the same morals as you. And make you feel all warm and fuzzy. They should support you. They should rock your socks.

Collaborations. Oh. These can be totally hit and miss. Make sure you figure out the details up front. And put it all in writing. And if your collab partner is 'bigger' than you... doesn't mean your work is worth any less. If they want to work with you. Then it should be even. Don't sell yourself short. If something or someone doesn't feel right. Take a step back. Have a think. Refocus. And figure out why. (We have a post on our experience with collaborations coming up... the good the bad the awesome)

If someone upsets you. Talks smack behind your back... instead of getting all Chuck Norris on their ass. Stop and think. Is it really worth getting all cray cray and retaliating? Nup. Sometimes saying nothing is best. And if you do really feel the need to say something. Do it with a clear head. And a happy heart.


We have said it before. If people really aren't your cup of tea. That's a-ok. Let it go. Don't be nasty. Don't hate on them. Cool your jets. And focus your energy on the all the awesome. Awesome people. Awesome products. Awesome brands. Awesome friends. There is so much darn tootin' awesome!

We would totally recommend NOT downloading the ‘who’s following you’ app. It should be called the ‘whos-not-following-me-why-arent-they-following-oh-my-god-why-don’t-they-like-me-shit-shit-shit-what-have-I-done-stuff-them-I-am-going-to-unfollow-them-back’ app. We did. It lasted two hours. It crushed our soul. And warped our judgement. People we thought were ‘friends’ were not following us. GASP. Oh. Hells-no. And of course we unfollowed everyone not following us. Like yeah. So mature. Sheesh. It's just silly. So now. Ignorance is bliss. Yay!

Total side note… just because we do not follow you doesn’t mean we don’t admire you. Adore your work. Or are inspired by you. We will stalk you as much as possible. AND we keep mixing it up to see how we can still see everyone’s awesome with the insta ‘change’. Shit be whack-on-crack on our feed at the moment.

Try not to check your instagram-facebook-snapchat while you are out enjoying time with your family. Nup. We found it could really change our mood. And not always in a good way. Negative comments. Not many likes. No sales. Hater potaters. It really affected our vibe. Now... if we are out enjoying happy time with our gang. As much as we are tempted. We no looky-looky at social media.

Emails are a little the same. We used to check these every five minutes. A total OCD OTT email checker. Uh huh. These days we have a rule we try and abide by... no checking emails on phones. Nope. Laptop or desktop only. It means we can sit down and really focus. And not let the negative nancy emails affect our day. Our vibe. Our mojo. We don’t need to see emails from people all up in our grill about not responding to an email they sent two hours ago while we are enjoying baby-chino-scooter-sunshine-time with our little loves. We have lives. So please chillax. We always respond. Even to Russian-mail-order-bride-download-my-app-for-a-gazillion-billion-followers messages. Ha. No. Ok. We don’t respond to them. But we do our best to respond to everyone else, as quickly as possible.

And on the subject of not so great a-little-negative-emails-messages-comments…. do your best to not respond straight away. We used to respond a little too quickly. And perhaps a little too aggressively. Before we had managed to let go of the anger-upset-tears-what-the-actual-feck feelings. Now. We wait. At least 24 hours. Draft up a response. Walk away. Review. Edit. And mostly it does need to be edited. To be a little more professional. A little more together. A little less emotionally driven. A little less asshole. Phew.


Speaking of assholes... just because people are assholes. Doesn’t mean you need to stoop to their level and be an asshole back. We always try and take the high ground. And do our best to respond in the way we believe we should be spoken to. With grace, dignity and respect.

Roll with the punches. Most people avoid negativity. Which is brilliant. Most people avoid the shitty days. Which is awesome. But for those who get a little-shitty-negativity thrown their way. Or get knocked down. Or feel a little deflated... try and roll with it. Learn from it. Shake it off. Don’t let it stop you. It may slow you down. But don’t let it stop you. Ever. Keep fighting the good fight.

Work with people. Not against them. And if you can not work with them. Thats cool. As we have said before.... not everyone will get along. Not everyone will be friends. Friendships can evolve. And sometimes dissolve. 

Most of all... remember it's not really real. Styled homes. Styled people. Perfect babes. Perfect errythang. The people behind the squares are real. Yup. The businesses are real. Uh huh. We make real friends. Real connections. Heck yes. But the whole online world. It isn't real life. We will admit... in the beginning we got a little caught up in it all. And let it get to us. Let it consume us. Oops. Now we get out there. Enjoy time with friends. Family. Our babes. Outside. Fresh air. In real life. Phew.

Like a wise man once said.
You've got to know when to hold 'em.
Know when to fold 'em.
Know when to walk away.
And know when to run.

Oh Kenny x


Stop. Collaborate and Listen.
The Customer is always Right. Even when they aren’t. 
Over Posting. Under Posting. No likey likeys. Heck I don't know.
Dare to Compare.
Too Many Comps Not Enough Action.

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