Ok. So surely a few of you have accidentally unintentionally 'copied'. Or 'imitated'. But how many of you have been sprung? Called out on it? Named?  Shamed? All of the above? We have. And... it felt all sorts of aw-ful. Ugh.

We aren't going to say who. Or what. Or when. Or why. But let's just say we love what they do and respect them. We would never ever intentionally 'copy-imitate-ape' them. No way Jose.

Anyway. The moment we saw their comment pop up on our image... and read it. We. Felt. Sick. Blugh. Blah. Oh. The feeling. The gut wrenching holy-shit-what-have-we-done-shit-shit-shit moment. Shit. Just total shit. Shit on a stick shit. Ugh.

We did what any rationally person would do. Panicked. Like batshit crazy panicked.
And on panic autopilot...  sent a message back to the person who made a comment. A message that made no sense. Just a rambling oh-my-gawd-sorry-we-honestly-had-no-idea-not-copying-heck-balls message. We waited a hugely painful five seconds. No response.

So we panicked even more. And sent another rambling message. Waited a whole five seconds again. Grabbed a paper bag to make sure we didn't hyperventilate and as back up if there was a possible mini-vom on its way. Started sweating. Heart going cray cray.

Still no response like a minute later. So instead of staying calm... we deleted the 'offending' post. And sent another message. And waited.

Then strangely.... we got a little mad.  We got all gansta and was all like what tha. You don't own us. You don't own that space. We can make what we want fool. We bust a cap in yo' ass. Whatevs'.

Then Gangsta Captain quickly turned to into Sad Clown Captain. We got sad. Super sad. And we cried. And sobbed. And cried. Really cried. Like watching The Notebook cried. Ermagawd. We are ruined wounded baboon style crying.

Then we calmed the feck down. Thanks to Mr Perfect and a rocking gal pal. Pha-ew.

And we did a little research. After what seemed like for-ever... but was really on twenty minutes.... we found out what the person was talking about. We discovered what was 'copied'. Realised it totally wasn't what we thought it was. And that we had totally over reacted. Like shit balls cray cray over reacted. Totes.

After we stepped back. And recovered. A little. We could understand why the person called us out. But it could have been handled better. By both of us. It could have been made clearer as to what they were talking about. It could have been handled in private. Heck. We still would have panicked. But probably not have reacted so badly so quickly. And from their side... eventually they also saw that we hadn't 'copied' intentionally. Phew. That it was a freaky coincidence. And all is good. Double phew.

So. We kinda took our own advice. 
We did process. Even though it was more of a freak out meltdown. We did vent. To our nearest and dearest. And we moved on. Mostly.

The whole thing made us feel icky. We still feel a little icky. We pride ourselves on not coping. Not mimicking. Not imitating. We understand that there is a lot of same same but different. But we always do our best to keep it original.

Looooads of our new designs never made it to our shop. Or our feed. We never showed them off. Why? Because sometimes... we thought they were too similar. Too same same and not enough different.

We respect our fellow makers movers and shakers. We respect their own style and their originality. All we can ask is that they respect ours too.

Copying. Flat out. It ain't cool x

If you missed it... PART ONE is HERE

Next up... we talk to a few people who have been copied. And share their stories. How they felt. How they reacted. AND our advice on how to react. Really... it is advice to ourselves on how we SHOULD have reacted. How we WISH we had reacted. Oops.

PS Please don't ask us who what or why. And please don't speculate. That's not what this is about. It's about keeping it real. Keeping it original. And keeping it as kind as possible. We are sharing our story. But also keeping it positive. And sharing the love.