I'm not sure how it happened or why it happened... perhaps the mad panic of the Instagram change... but all of a sudden EVERYONE was doing it. Everyone was getting their SNAP on. Cray cray snap on. Snapchat errywhere. Heck.

Agggess ago I signed up to snapchat. I had no idea how to use it. Or any idea why people would use it. And by 'people' I mean anyone 'vintage' like me. Over 20. Well... over 30. Ok. Almost 40. So I did nothing.

I don't tweet. I don't pin. I don't facey. Ugh. But two years on... and after a wine fueled insta-meet-laugh-fest-snap-crash-course... I fired up ye-olde snapchat once again. And also because I have FOMO. Fear of missing out. Which I had to google. Cause I had no idea what it meant. Damn. I am old.

I'll admit. I've been getting a little snap happy. I may snap a little too much. Or not enough. I've still got NFI. Not only am I'm old. And I'm old school. I still read books. Like actual paper books. If the mini disc was still a thing.. I'd be mini discin' all over the place. Uh hmmm.

But SNAP so far... this is what I've learnt.

1. Being a Puppy is awesome. Being a cute then super scary Bunny freaks the heck balls out of my two year old. And me.

2. Pretty filters should be optional in everyday life. Who ever invents the Real Life Pretty Filter is going to be a bajillion-aire. Did I spell bajillion right? Heck. Anyway. Pretty filter rocks my socks. And my wrinkles. And my fly away hair.

3. I really can't handle the sound of my own voice. Like ugh. Somebody press the mute button on me already.

4. It totally makes me late for stuff. I'm too busy snapping. Pre snapchat... I was never late. Ever. And a lot of times... you can hear my children crying in the background. Because I've been snapping too long and the nanny has left for the day. Ok. We don't have a nanny. Generally it means 'nanny' Peppa Pig has finished.

5. I am pretty good of making an ass of myself. I'm ok with that. And it seems other people don't mind to let loose. I've had more legit laughs this week through snapchat than in a long time. People are funny. Like really funny. And brilliant. And real.

6. I love stalking peeps squares on insta. And now... I get to stalk their real real lives on snap. Yes I sound like a total creep. But I'm obsessed. A few steps away from single white female. And dying to morph my face onto my instabesties head. Eep.

7. Again. My voice. Ugh. It is a tad bogan. Ok a lot bogan. But good bogan right? Like Sophie Monk bogan? And it's a tad annoying. A tad whingy whiny. My poor husband. He hears that shit all the time. Sigh. Sorry.

8. The tomato filter still makes me laugh. I don't get it. But every dang time... I laugh my big-red-tomato-throwing-up-tomato ass off.

9. I actually still have no idea how to work it properly. Help. But it is a little addictive. Heck. It's crazy addictive. What the?!

10. I rock a beard. Like creepy rock a beard.

11. My husband sends me the most random-and-a-little-dull-work-life-but-hilarious snaps all day. I love it.

12. I actually think I've become vain. But totally insecure at the same time. I like seeing my face on film. Pretty filter of course. But then at the same time I cringe at my face on film even with pretty filter. I kinda like filming my everyday not very exciting life. And always trying not to sound like a complete bogan.

13. I actually have no flippin idea how it's relevant to my small business. At all.

14. I don't think I'm 'hip' enough to be on snapchat. The fact that I just said 'hip' proves that point. 

15. Some people totally over share. Uh huh. I think I'm one of them. A little. Maybe. Hmm. But seriously some people. TMI. And a little too long. Too much. Too often. 

And as much as I love it. I'm totes too snap-happy. A little snap-obsessed. I'm not sure it's for me. I think I'm going to wind it down. Dial it back a little. Maybe. Soon.

But if you do want to watch my nonsense... captainandco.

And hit me up with some all time awesome accounts to follow.

And some SNAP tips. Just in case I decide to stick around. Eep!

Snap yo' laters. Maybe. Probably x