We love to support small. We love to support big. Biggie Smalls.
Basically. We love to support ah-mazing people with ah-mazing products.

So. Hi Five. A quick way to get to know our favourite, new and fabulous movers makers and shakers.


Not sure what Hi Five to share with us? Probably not these. Our embarrassing Hi-Five...

I totally think no one can see me when I'm in the car.... so it's where I pick my nose. Ew. Ugh. Like duh. Windows fool. Sigh. #grossbutweallpickournoses

The word Uranus makes me laugh my ass off. Or should I say  'Laugh my Uranus off'? Ugh. Seriously. Why? Poor little planet.

The words moist panties napkin make me cringe. Just don't like them. All together they are even worse. Shudder.

I loathe ironing. So much that I have ironing ladies. Mrs Pegitjustright and Mrs Windyday. And if they are having the day off... I bring in the big guns Mrs Justhangandhope or Mrs Stuffitjustwashitagain.

I don't understand daylight savings. I never know if I need to put my clock forward or back. I never know if I've gained an hour or lost one. Every time it changes... I ask 'if it's six now what time is it really?'. Hoorayfor the auto iPhone change. And my car clock stays at the wrong time for ages. So I never really know what time I'm picking my nose. Ha.

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