Heck Yes. The Mama's behind these totally ROCK.

You know when you think someone is so super-cool-super-styling-super-fabulous-super-amazing... that you kind of want to be them. Well that's this lady for me.

She's the brains and the beauty behind @project_youandme. I followed when I first began Captain + Co. Ok. I stalked her when I first began. Like creepy stalked. I commented on loads. I liked loads. I even tried to buy her maternity wardrobe because it was darn tootin awesome. Alas my double bum and jiggly thighs were too big. Dang. Probably a blessing in disguise. I'd probably have changed my hair and gone all single white female on her. Ha. Kidding. Mostly.

Anyhoo, fast forward a few months later, and I'm proud to call Ina a wonderful friend. A friend I've never met. But a true friend. I admire her. She inspires me daily. She is someone to support. Follow. And watch. 

I'm waiting for the day we get to coffee. In real life. I'll probably have a Beatles-fan-John-Lennon-fan type meltdown and freak out my outfit isn't cool enough... but I'm ok with that.

AND now... she's got a kick ass marketing chick working with her on Project You and Me. Double the awesome. Double the amazing. Double the inspiration. Introducing Chantelle... I've only just started stalking you. Apologies in advance. It can get a little creepy.

Just in time for Mothers Day... they've just released a MAMA ROCKS BUNDLE.

I've been dropping some serious hints for MrPerfect. Some are subtle. Like 'Yo, Baby Daddy does this Mama Rock' or 'Heyyy have you heard about Project You and Me. You should look them up and hook a rockin' Mama up'

And others not so subtle. More like a rare form of late-night-shouting-Tourettes. 'MAMA-ROCK-BUNDLE-ERRRMAAAGAWWWD-YES-BUY-IT'

Go check them out, buy one and show a Mama that she ROCKS.

The Collective Hub (most current issue at date of release)
Raw Truffle Mix in Lemon and Raspberry from Full Filled Co (345g)
Limited release Matcha Maiden Bath Salts by Simple As That (150g)
Thankyou Hand Cream in Botanical Geranium and Rosewood
Matcha (20g) from Matcha Maiden
RAW Chocolate in Peppermint and Coconut
All beautifully packaged in A4 cotton drawstring bag with postcard by Bosiko for you to write a special message.