I've been feeling a little bit like Cher these days. Not the scantily-clad-leather-chap-cannon-riding-young-sailor-loving Cher. Or the what oh-dear-happened-to-her-face-now-a-recluse Cher.

The one who wants to 'Turn Back Time'. Yup that's me. And ma' face.

I'm thirty-old. Thirty Seven. Pushin the big Four-O. I'm ok with that. Mostly.

But heck. My face. She's showing the signs of aging. Cracks. Crevices. Crows feet. Crackly. Dry. Dull. Blugh. Blah. Ugh.

The aftermath of children and years of no sleep. Seriously... children age you. Oh my. How they age you. And maybe a few too many nights-mornings-days at Revolver. And a sneaky old smoker back in the day. Naughty naughty. And a sun worshipper. In my youth. And dare I say the S word. Solarium. Gasp. Sigh. Why.

I've always looked after my skin. Ok ok. I've kinda looked after it. Not as much as I should have. I drink stupid amounts of water. Now. Not much caffeine. Unless I've had a am wake up. Which is everyday lately. Ugh. On a good day. Eat clean as much as possible. Lots of fruit. Lots of veggies. And cray cray amounts of chocolate. Oops.

I've been lucky with my good old German heritage...and never had to worry too much. I've been riding the olive-youthful-skin-she'll-be-right train for too long. Toot toot.

It's time to really look after my skin. My face. And not by getting a few Botox jabs in my forehead. Firstly cost. Secondly ouch. Thirdly... I swore I'd never get any jabs anywhere else on my face. Just my giant accordion-sam-stosser-esque forehead. Fourthly. Nicole Kidman. Enough said.

I'm pretty time poor. Getting a facial just doesn't happen with two little kids all up in your grill everyday. And besides... it's too expensive for little old me. Every now and then. Yes. Gift vouchers. Heck yes. Please.

So I'll be road testing a few moisturisers and cleansers over the next few months to see what rocks ma' old lady socks. Or should I say.. what rocks my old lady wrinkles.

I'll share with you what I think, what my skin thinks or if I've just left it too late and the only choice I have is to get my face did like someone out of The Real Housewives. Seriously. Beverly Hills Housewives. Eeeppp.

Anyhoo. First cab off the rank Go-To Skincare.

I heart Zoë. I want to be her. She's funny. Beautiful. Business savvy. Super smart and just all round ah-mazing. And this skincare range.... oh my. She's a total beauty too. Simple. Cruelty-free. Natural. Mmm. Yeah. Let's hope it loves my face.

So here I go.
Hello. Properly Clean. Very Useful Face Cream. And Exfoliating Swipeys.

See you soon. With happy healthy skin.
And BFF's with Zoë. Hopefully x