We have been lucky enough to work with some great brands. Businesses. And people over the last year or so. And although we would not say we are an 'influencer'. That is exactly what we have been doing. We have been paid to do sponsored posts. We have been gifted. Recently. We almost said YES to a paid gig that we didn't really feel right about. It was a great brand. A great product. But it didn't align with our style. Our feed. And we realised. Were we just saying yes for the product and the cash. Uh huh. Shame on us. So of course. We gave ourselves a little slap upside the head. Had a cup of 'what-the-feck-were-you-thinking'. And we said 'No thank you'. 

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Lately I have been struggling to juggle work life, mum life and wife life. I honestly haven’t been very good at anything. A little bit tired. A little bit cranky. A little bit over it. Sigh.

So when Marks & Spencer Australia invited me to get onboard their newest initiative encouraging people to cherish every moment and life life to the fullest. I thought. Heck yes.

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My weight varies. I have a goal weight. It is in the 60 kilo range. But realistically. I'm always going to be in the 70 kilo range. Sometimes low 70's. Sometimes high 70's.  Sigh. I know a lot of mums struggle with their 'mum bod' after babies. But I've always had a mum bod. Even before babies. Not much has changed for me after babies. Maybe a little bit wider. A little bit wobblier. But really. The same same.

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We love a good shopping session. And we were recently invited to experience a Boutique Shopping Tour in Launceston. We loved it! We share our experience. And have a chat to Madeline about All Artisan. And all things shopping.

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Mum Blogging. Holy-heck-balls. It can be tough. In oh-so many ways. It can be mean. In oh-so many ways. Sheesh. We are all mums. Same same but different. We all want the best for our children. For ourselves. For each other. Don't we? Well. I do.

So I say. Feck that. Support each other. Lift each other up. Respect. Be respected. And shine. Heck yes.

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We are definitely no experts in the world of web. SEO. Or even internets. Yes. We said internets. So we asked one of our favourites Karlie from Techno Bird a few questions. She is an internet-website-digital-marketing-SEO superstar. Uh huh. She explains what SEO is. Her top five tips. The number one myth. How she manages the mum-life-work-life juggle. And more.

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It's been a while since I have written a personal blog post. Yes. I've lost a bit of my mojo. But I am also struggling to find where I 'fit'. Mum. Business. Lifestyle. No idea what kind of blogger I am. Or what kind of blogger I should be. Will be. Need to be. So while I wonder. I share what I know I am not. What I do not want to be. And a few favourite bloggers. 

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We love a little sparkle in our lives. And we love fabulous people making fabulous pieces. So when we discovered Hello Harper + Riley. It really was love at first sight. They make rocking. Edgy. Stylish. Personalised Denim Jackets for your little loves. We had a chat to the lady behind the brand, and Mama to twins Harper and Riley. She really is a super star. One of those genuinely fabulous women who sparkle and shine.

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Roll on Nap Time. Heck yes. When we first fell in love with these little beauties from Swaggies. Our little loves didn't do daycare. But they did do holidays + nap time not at home. So we did take our Swaggies with us. The perfect little mobile bed-sheet-blanket-pillow set. Totally ideal for daycare. Rachel shares how it all began. Her business journey. And more.

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Heck. Balls. Lately we have noticed people in general. And in real life. Have forgotten how to use two simple words. ‘Thank’ and ‘you’. The whole world has gone a little whack. 

Bugger trying to beat the algorithm. Shake off shadow banning. Grow your reach. Followers. Likes. Engagement. Let’s all dial it back a bit. And remember how to be nice. Let’s nail the niceties first. 

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Not only is the lady behind the brand a true beauty inside + out. She is also amazingly talented. Summer creates the most magical watercolour paintings + prints for your little ones rooms. We have loved her girls range for such a long time. And now. She also has the perfect prints for your little boys. Summer chats all things mum. Art. And small business.

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Lately we have been feeling a little disheartened. Discouraged. Confused. Our reach. Our engagement. Our likes. Our clicks. Have all dropped. Significantly.

Is it Shadow Banning? Is it a flooded market? Is our content dull? Are our images boring? Are we? Sigh. Or. Is it Instagram throwing us all out of whack. Dang. We share what's been happening. What we've seen. And how we've been affected.

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Like most of Mums. Ali was inspired to start Huddle for so many reasons. The main one being her family. So she left her job in finance. And started her own small business. With Heart. And passion. 

For us. We are big on quality. Big on fit. Big on feel. Big on style. And big fans of wool. The Huddle collections are all of those things. And more.

Ali shares the why. The how. The brand. And how a little crowdfunding kickstarter campaign. Went a long way.


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We first fell in love with Pouch Australia when we visited Life In Style. Not only are the ladies behind the brand all sorts of awesome. So are the products. We try to be house proud. We try to dodge all the little ouchy-bits of lego left lying around the house. That is why we love our PlayPouches. The most stylish. Sensible. Durable. Ideal way to help us be clean. And clutter free.

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PND. Post Natal Depression. It happens to the best of us. It happens to those around you. It could even happen to you. And it happened to me. Sigh. I have shared parts of my struggle before. Not everything. Not out of shame. Nope. But because I like sort-of-kind-like to keep some things private. I like to be a positive person. I like to give out positive vibes. Now that I have fought the funk. And won. I can look back and realise with clarity. That I was not ok. That I needed help. And that it is totally ok not to be ok.

Humbled and honoured to be featured with other Real Mama's sharing their Real Stories. Struggling with PND and Anxiety. Thanks Lucia for sharing. And thank you for all that you do for all the Mums. Nationwide. Big love. Always x

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There has been a little broo-ha-ha about collaborations. Small Businesses working with Bloggers + Influencers. We've had a little experience on both sides. As a Small Business. And as a Blogger. Sometimes everything works well. For everyone. Sometimes. Not so much. Although we do not claim to be experts. We share a few tips we have learnt along the way.

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We adore a good frock. Heck yes. Dip hem. Swing. Skater. Patterns. Colours. Pastels. Stripes. Spots. You name it. We love it. Thankfully there are oh-so many beautiful dresses for your little ladies this season. We share just a few of our favourites. 

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We have been lucky enough to own a few prams and strollers. Borrow a few. And take a few special sets of wheels for a stroll with our babes. We know a good pram should be all about the comfort of your babe. And your budget. But. We also think it should have a bit of style. Plenty of function. Some extra's. And sometimes. A bit of bling. 

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Karrie-Anne is definately one of our favourites to follow. She is rocking the small business world. And has such a happy positive vibe. You can't help but smile whenever you see her. Or her work. Her Hopes + Dreams organic hand brushed Swaddles and Blankets are some of our favourites. We had a chat to her about mum life. Business life. Her why. Her hopes. And her dreams. 

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